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Safeguarding your people, places, and spaces with a full range of security solutions that are designed to respond to real life risks, in real time. See below for more information on our products.

See below for more information on our products.

Sentinel Vision

Smart AI Open-Carry Weapons Detection Camera

Sentinel Vision provides fast and accurate situational awareness – when it matters most. The all-in-one solution with the computing and detection allows for fast detection of weapons and instant sending of alerts and notifications. With end-to-end features and no additional hardware or software required, this truly is an out of the box solution. Sentinel Vision uses the latest in AI technology to prevent attacks and protect your private spaces or public.

Sentinel Vision uses AI to detect openly carried weapons

Using a range of vision (single or multiple cameras) and utilising Privacy By Design, Sentinel Vision screens and tracks the weapon, not the carrier. Alerts are then issued into the Sentinel Threat Management system and real time messages and actions are then invoked (pre-set or customised routine).
The threat is intercepted and contained.

For Smart and efficient protection for your private or public spaces- choose Sentinel Vision

Sentinel Vison is the ultimate protection solution for:

  • Residential
  • Places of worship
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Education campuses
  • Entertainment venues
  • Public spaces

Edge based computing = minimal lag, fast identification

  • High end 4K video
  • Day and night operation
  • ONVIF compliant
  • On device storage
  • Advance video analytics
  • 5G ready, and cellular connectivity
  • No cost over-the-air updates to ai and analytics
  • Privacy by design – data stays with you



  • Weapon Detection [Handgun, Long Gun, Knife]
  • Motion Detection
  • Periodic updates with new and improved analytics
  • Edge-based AI computing
  • 384 GPU core/48 tensor core



  • 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 30FPS
  • Selectable
    Image Sensor:
  • 8 Megapixel
  • 1/2.8” Progressive
  • CMOS Rolling Shutter
  • 120dB HDR



  • Fixed (f=2.8mm)
  • IR Cut Filter
  • 120°(D)/102°(H)/56°(V)
  • F1.8
  • Multi, High-Intensity IR LED
  • Up to 15m range*
  • IP66* for indoor/outdoor use



  • 5G (ready) or 4G LTE
  • WiFi
  • RJ-45 Ethernet
    Onboard Storage:
  • 512GB
  • Up to 10 days @ 4K/30FPS
  • Up to 36 days @ 1080p/30FPS



  • One-way audio recording
  • 12V DC Barrel Jack
  • PoE via CAT5e



  • 183mm x87mm x80mm

SentryMobile UMDP

Autonomous Detection for Powerful Protection

SentryMobile is a self-powered Urban Mobile Detection Platform that supports rapid deployment of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) and CUAS (Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems) surveillance. Designed to be highly scalable, heavy-duty, and rapidly deployed, the UMDP is a powerful and adaptable solution.

You can add CBRN and CUAS surveillance as needed. It’s perfect for remote locations where grid power is unavailable or unreliable and you need continuous and autonomous monitoring.

  • Flexible Intuitive User Interface that collects and reports threats
  • System status alarms for unauthorized access or tampering
  • Radar has UAS high fidelity identification and software for integration with camera system
  • Forward-looking infrared camera can detect objects at night or in a thermal capacity


For smart, swift self-powered surveillance – choose SentryMobile

The IXI DroneKiller® Counter UAS Technology uses Software Defined Radio (SDR) Technology. It can disable drones operating on 7 frequency bands and is lethal up to 1000 meters. The IXI DRONEKILLER® enables military and security forces to effectively combat any consumer drone abuse.

UDMP General Specifications:

  • Size: 70.25″ (L) x 44.25″ (W) x 9′ 3.25″ (H stowed) 18’1.75″ (deployed)
  • Weight: 1300 lbs.
  • Solar Power: 270 Watt | 30.8 Volts | 8.78 Amps (NMOT)
  • Generator/Fuel: 2500 Watt | 120 Volts | 20.8 Amps 60 Hz / Liquid Propane
  • Batteries: 12 Volt AGM
  • Radar: Echodyne’s EchoGuard® 3D Surveillance Radar
  • Frequency: 24.45 to 24.54 GHz in any 200MHz sector
  • Field of View: 120° azimuth x 80° elevation
  • Range Vehicles: Aircraft <3.5km, Human <2.2km, sUAS <1km



  • Range up to 1000 meters: Environmentally resistant
  • 433 MHZ/915 MHZ: Integrated with the UMDP and Sentry Nexus Software for remote operating ability
  • 2.4 GHZ: 61cm L x 24cm H x 10cm W
  • 5.2 GHZ : 9.5 lb
  • 5.8 GHZ: Right or left hand operation
  • GPS L1/L2: Environmentally resistant
  • -10 to 50C: operating temperature
  • Camera: Bosch MIC IP Starlight 7000i
  • Imager: 1/2.8 type Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • Lens: 30x motorized zoom | 12x digital | 4.3 mm to 129 mm | F1.6 to F4.7
  • FOV:2.3° to 63.7°
  • Pan Range: 360° Continuous
  • Tilt Range: 50° to +90°
  • Communications: Options include LTE, point to point, RF, MANET, MPU5
  • CBRN Sensors: Ability to add CBRN Sensor suite determined by customer requirements or mission at hand


Sentry UMDP system
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Personal Security Consultants

Personal Security

We understand that in this evolving and uncertain world you need adaptable Personal Security and Risk Mitigation services to protect your people and assets. That’s why we bring our extensive experience and that of our trusted partners to develop your unique personal security solution. From risk assessment analysis to full implementation, you’ll receive the most appropriate and complete solution for your specific needs.
Sabre Global Consulting


Our specialist security consultants are committed to developing and delivering personalised security plans. You’ll get comprehensive consultancy that’s completely customised for your exact needs. We exist to provide world-class protection for people and places, from individuals to international institutions. Your dedicated advisors use their wealth of experience and expertise to recommend, reassure, and respond to your real life security requirements – in real time.


We deliver strategic security services to answer any of your logistical needs. Our dedication to keeping the world safe means that whatever the size of your project, we’re always here for you. With a highly experienced team ready to understand your specific security needs, you’ll get our complete commitment every step of the way.
Centurion Rapid Deploy Guard Tower


Rapid Deploy Guard Tower for Easy and Effective Public Protection

Centurion’s fast and simple set-up make it the ideal public safety solution for Military Checkpoints, Dock Security, Border Patrol Operations and other locations that require rapid deployment.

For ultimate mobile security – choose Centurion

  • Fast. Easy. Certain: The Centurion is quick and simple to set-up.
  • Speedy High-Performance: At the push of a button your Centurion raises to its deployed position in under 2 minutes.

Centurion Guards Tower can be shipped separate from the Trailer. 2 Centurions and 2 Centurion Trailers fit on a flat-bed trailer for Conus locations and into 1- 40 ft high Cube Shipping Container for overseas locations. Once unloaded with a fork-lift, the Centurion can be placed on top of the Centurion Trailer and locked into position using the container twist locks.

  • On site it can be manually deployed in approximately 10 minutes. The trailer outriggers are put into deployment position to stabilize the Centurion.
  • It can be placed in the transport mode without heavy equipment and be ready for recovery or repositioning in approximately 10 minutes.
  • Available in Desert Tan or Olive Drab.
  • Facilitates Rapid Repositioning of Assets
  • 360 degree Protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Battery Operated Hydraulic Lift System
HVM Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barricades

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

HVM Solutions for Public Protection

We are dedicated to providing you with a variety of solutions to address increasing demands for perimeter security and defence from hostile vehicle attacks.

Our public protection solutions are ideal for creating vehicle or pedestrian traffic flows at front gates and entry control points.


  • Perfect movable protection for force and anti-terrorism
  • Three piece banded 9.525cm US Steel angle iron construction
  • Easy assembly on-site without engineering support
  • Easily disassembled for repositioning or storage
  • Chain Kit option available to join one to the other



  • Formidable, efficient, versatile
  • Designed for Traffic Control and Restrictive Movement
  • Can be used as a single unit or chained together for temporary vehicle barrier
  • Easily repositioned and stored
  • Chain Kit option available to join one to the other



  • Constructed of sturdy US Steel
  • Fast deployment for security and anti-terrorism
  • Easily moved by a single person
  • Ideal for: Government buildings & Embassies, Airports, Military and Guard Units, Border Patrol, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Crowd and Vehicle control Security Lanes
  • Chain link kit available to link several barriers together or to anchor to a specific location


  • Ideal for creating vehicle or pedestrian traffic flows at front gates and/or entry control points
  • Highly manoeuvrable barrier, designed with integrated fork lift pockets
  • Fill with sand or water, and drain quickly for swift repositioning
  • Available in 1.2m & 1.52m heights
  • Corner units available for seamless installation


Hostile Vehicle Mitigation – Practical Solutions for Public Security

The Raptor is a free-standing rapid deployment steel vehicle barrier that repels vehicles from crashing through. It provides an effective block for public protection and crowd control, preventing hostile vehicle attacks.

For simple, practical public protection – choose Raptor

  • Easy to relocate: Free standing units are simple to move with a forklift or by towing. Optional Raptor Cart enables a single person to transport the barrier. 
  • Easy to build and expand: Powder-coated steel barriers are available in two sizes: 1.2m or 1.5m. Use the chain link kit to join several barriers together or to anchor them to a specific location. Hardware and tools supplied for easy assembly.

1.2M Deep Raptor Barrier

  • W 2.28m x D 1.2m x H 1m — 294.8kg
  • Performance results from 2010 crash test based on the ASTM Vehicle Crash Test Standard (ASTM F265-07): A 3/4 top pickup truck weighing 2.4 tons was crashed into the Raptor Vehicle Barrier (free standing on crushed rock) at 40 mph. The vehicle was brought to a complete stop with minimal barrier movement (approximately 60cm).

1.5M Deep Raptor Barrier

  • W 3m x D 1.5m x H 1.4m — 816.4kg
  • On October 11, 2010, we performed a crash test on the 5’ Raptor Vehicle Barrier. The testing was based on the ASTM Vehicle Crash Test Standard (ASTM F265-07). A truck weighing 6.9 tons was crashed into the Raptor Vehicle Barrier (free standing on crushed rock) at 50 mph. The truck was bought to a complete stop.
  • Three Raptor units can be shipped and disassembled on a skid (approximately 1.2m x 1.2m x 60cm with a weight of about 900kg). Raptor can be rapidly assembled with supplied hardware and tools. No engineering support is required. 
  • Free-standing barrier can be easily relocated with a forklift or our optional Raptor Cart. 
  • Unlike solid barriers, the open design ensures no one can hide behind it unseen.
  • A chain kit is also available to attach several of the barriers together and/or anchor it to a specific location.
ixi technology dronekiller anti-drone

Drone Killer

Handheld C-UAS Solutions.

Effective, Affordable, Portable – The Counter-Drone System that helps you take back control

Designed to defend you from the growing threat of AVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) DroneKiller is a safe, swift and sure solution for any public space. It’s the perfect security support for both indoor and outdoor events, or in any challenging line-of-sight environment. Lightning-fast, DroneKiller effectively detects and disables any drones entering restricted air space or interfering with security operations.

For predictable efficiency that protects you from the unpredictable – choose DroneKiller.

  • Affordable: units are priced in the thousands, making reliable, anti-drone technology accessible to any tactical response team.
  • Effective: DroneKiller can disable drones operating on seven frequency bands.
  • Portable: Approximately half the weight of other handheld counter-UAV devices, DroneKiller is quick and easy to transport.
  • Safe: Guaranteed not to disrupt GPS or radio signals, you can safely deploy DroneKiller around aircraft.
  • Weighing just 8.5 lbs makes DroneKiller is quick and easy transport. Mounting DroneKiller with the Picatinny Smart Rail integration eliminates the need for a battery unit and further lightens it.
  • Ready to engage in 3 seconds, without requiring warm-up or calibration.
  • DroneKiller is self-powered: built-in batteries last 2 hours in active mode and up to 6 hours in sensor mode.
  • Utilising SDR (software defined radio) technology DroneKiller can be updated and upgraded to respond to emerging threats without costly investment in new hardware.
  • Unlike other anti-drone systems, DroneKiller does not operate under ISM or interfere with GPS signals, making it safe to use near airports and restricted air spaces.

Sentinel WiFi

Revolutionary Concealed Threat Detection System

Sentinel WiFi is the world’s only Wi-Fi based concealed weapons detection system. Simple, smart, and swift to deploy, Sentinel is a game-changing solution for the security industry.

Sentinel WiFi instantly warns of any potential concealed weapon on a premises in the critical seconds available before an impending incident.

The first of its kind, this solution uniquely utilises Wi-Fi to detect concealed materials and indicate the existence of a threat. With AI-enabled detection, Sentinel WiFi is coded to identify the material, shape and size of the object that it has been programmed to flag.

When a risk is detected, the user interface instantly displays an alert, video feed of the suspect, location, and details of the threat. No matter where your security personnel are located, they receive immediate updates on the situation direct to their mobile device via a cloud-based system.

For high performing protection in public places – choose Sentinel WiFi

Sentinel WiFi is the ultimate protection solution for:

  • Stand-alone security in public areas such as sports venues, entertainment complexes, and places of worship.
  • Integrated, layered security for fully equipped institutions such as airports, government buildings, and corporate settings.
  • Threat and risk assessment; determining any need for additional security measures such as progressive surveillance or searches.
  • First Responder is developing a patent pending concealed weapons detection product, Sentinel™ WiFi, licensed from Rutgers University and developed in Canada, India and Silicon Valley with the assistance of Misty West, VVDN Technologies and Wavelabs.
  • Utilises unlicensed spectrum with pre-approved components. The system is simple to move, install, and operate through our cloud-based interface.
  • When a risk is detected, the user interface instantly displays a notification alert, video feed of a suspect, location, and details of the threat. Wireless signals penetrate bags to get the dimensions of dangerous metal objects and identify them in the majority of public places.
  • Cloud-based details of potential threats enable security personnel to be instantly updated on the scenario via their devices. Wi-Fi based concealed weapons detection for use by security personnel on any device, including laptops, tablets or mobile devices.
  • A visible or audible alarm can be integrated into the system or user interface/app.
  • Software and user interface can be used on tablet or desktop. Sentinel can be integrated into other security systems
  • The detection solution can be housed in tailor made casings for more discreet detection.
  • Alarm integration accelerates response time and situational awareness.
  • Privacy by design: Wi-Fi detection does not require the collection of personally identifiable information to detect a threat.
  • The system acts as a “probable cause tripwire” to enable more invasive screening while preserving the privacy rights of persons not carrying suspicious materials.
  • Uses commercial off-the-shelf Wi-Fi components powered by proprietary technology and AI machine learning.
  • IOT network sensors for broad area searching.
  • Forms an invisible gate where detection covertly occurs. It can be placed at the perimeter, at the entryway, or internally.
  • Screens people in real time, reducing the need for strict search policies, random searches, or checkpoints

Sentinel Vision: A pioneering Smart AI Camera prototype set to feature the following hardware specifications:

  • On-edge AI capabilities
  • 4K Resolution
  • Wide, Normal and Narrow Angle Lens options
  • Digital image stabilization
  • Lens Distortion correction
  • USB port, SD card slot
  • Built in microphone and audio out
Sentinel Wifi Weapons Detection security systems
Sentinel Wifi Weapons Detection in urban environment
Sentinel Wifi Weapons Detection security display monitoring systems
Sentinel Wifi Weapons Detection security vision systems